Monday, November 16, 2015

Community Living

It's been awhile since I have lived in community. The last time was three years ago with 20-25 missionaries traveling through Central and South America. Three years later God had brought Juliana and I to the Amazonas, Manaus. This is our first step to where He wants us. Just like Peter being obedient, and taking that first step out of the boat when Jesus called him, this is us getting out of our boat (or comfort zone).

         On the Amazon river going to a community, povo Ribeirinhos.

In the Amazon jungle (Salimoes), with some of the team (Jonathen and Jessica) and the people we visited.

      A spontaneous worship time on the missionary base (House of prayer).

        Service time in the missionary base.

     Praying for people and declaring the goodness of God over them on the missionary base (our home). Moises getting touched by God heavly.

  Praying for people at a missionary conference. 

         Enjoying friendship, livng together, and experiencing more of Jesus in community.

Lots of fish here in the Amazons. Love it!

Picture of us during a birthday party on the missionary base.

Moises, Jonathen and myself on the Amazon river. We all have the same calling and love going into the jungle to demonstrate the power and love of Jesus.

This is us in our very hot bedroom. Manaus is very hot and humid. God is teaching us a lot about ourselves, others, and Him as we live in community. I really feel this is His heart (Acts 4), to live in community, love Him (Jesus) and others. Community living is not easy, but who says being obedient to what He desires for us is suppose to be easy.

We love you!!! Hope you enjoyed our little blog. God bless you.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Returning to Manaus

Three years ago, I was finishing up a long adventure God had put me on. For thirteen months, along with many other adventurer's, we journeyed through Central and South America spreading the love of Jesus, wherever He led us. The last place for me was in a really unique city, Manaus. It is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in Northern Brazil.

God had spoken to me so much for the ten or so days I was there. I new it was a really important place in my spiritual journey with Him. I new I would be back. I new He had called me there.

I met a lot of wonderful people during those thirteen months. My family grew so much during that time. I love that I have so many friends all over the world and especially in South America. We would show up to a city, maybe stay for a few weeks, and when we left felt like we were leaving people we knew for our entire life. I love how Jesus provides us with family wherever we go. One of those people is Moises, who I met in Manaus. 

Juliana and I will be heading to Manaus, Brazil in a month. Finally!! After three years, I am returning. We will be staying on Moises base, Missao Povos Ribeirinhos, in Manaus, for at least three months, ministering and listening to what Pappa has for us. 

                                                         ( Moises in the red shirt)

I really love the journey with Him. His timing is always perfect. I love how He connects things when you are obedient to His leadings.

                                                  (So cute having the same shirt)

Julliana's had the idea of making the shirts, Living for God in Portuguese. with the back having two birds from the Amazon Jungle, Under them has Luke 10:27. Having fun and doing prophetic acts in ministry makes life good. What a pretty Godly Brasileira model.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


This life is a journey. Most of my life and Juliana's, has been looking into the future, but living in the present and presence of God. Our days of wandering is about to end, again, We are at the river Jordan in our lives, again. I do believe you have many of these moments in your life, on the verge.

We feel the vision that Jesus gave us years ago for our life, is here.  He has us staging like the Israelites before taking Canaan. I don't know if we need the Jordan River parted but I'm sure He is doing this for us.

Juliana received a vison a few months back. She saw a bridge with many lights on it. We felt the lights were people helping us on our journey now and in the future. Thank you to so many that have believed in us when we were single. Thank you for supporting us spiritually, emotionally, and financially. We are now in a new journey together. We have both needed a lot of grace, patience and humility in these last 6 months of our journey together as a married couple, while staging/waiting for God to give us the green light to go on to Manaus, Brazil. We will be moving to Manaus from Fortaleza, sometime in September.

We are believing for more of a direction, to where, we are to plant ourselves, and our ministry. We believe Manaus is the first place, or stepping stone for us. We don't know how long we will be in Manaus, the capital, of the Amazons in Brazil. We are still praying about that. Keep us in prayer on these things.

Love you, Ted and Juliana

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mission Trip, Viagem Missionaria

“Não mim escolhestes vós a mim, mas Eu vos escolhi a vós, e vos nomeei, para que vades e deis fruto, e o vosso fruto permaneça; a fim de que tudo quanto em meu nome pedirdes ao Pai ele vo-lo conceda”.  João 15:16

Graça e paz, gostaria de compartilhar algumas coisas que Deus esta fazendo durante este tempo em minha vida... Ano passado tive o  privilégio de ir a uma escola chamada Harvest School foi uma viagem de desafios, foi realmente um presente de Deus, foi um relacionamento com Deus e o  próximo foi realmente uma missão honrosa!

Ja se iniciando o ano papa me deu um homem incrível( Ted Hogan) e subi ao altar no dia 30 de janeiro de 2015, foi um sonho realizado  Deus é Fiel... Obrigada papa!!

Hoje nos encontramos esperando  animados pelo nosso IDE para Amazônia,  estamos orando e buscando durante este tempo estratégia de como podemos levar o evangelho naquele lugar , e um grande desafio que o senhor tem colocado em nossas mãos, mas eu creio que no tempo certo estaremos lá!!

Pedido de oração:

Por nossa saúde:  espiritual,  físico e emocional
finanças:  mantenedor para que possamos dar inicio
Pela região Amazônia
Muito Obrigada por acreditar em nossos sonhos, estamos muito agradecido por tudo que Deus vem fazendo em nossas vidas... Deus é Fiel

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year

Around this time last year, I was single. My home was wherever God told me to rest my head. In three years, that was about 15 different countries. My ministry was still developing and seemed far into the future. Yet, you never know what awaits for you in the new year.

I believed I was headed to Morocco. I felt God has opened some doors for me there. I was planning on going sometime before the summer began. Pappa had other plans for me. I never would have believed what 2014 would bring. Proverbs 16:9, The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

I had felt a long term calling in Brazil, ever since I went to Iris Harvest school 4 years ago. When I was traveling through Central and South America, I always new in Brazil, He would speak to me about it. I never wanted to force Brazil, I wanted it to be in His timing and His leading. Last year at this time, I wrote all my contacts, just to say hi. It was as innocent as that for me. Yet, I did not know, it would kick open the door to so many of my unanswered prayers (ministry, love, and a place to call home).

In less than a year, what seemed to be so far in the future, became my "now". I found my love, Juliana, and she found me. I found a place to call home, and my heart does not ache for one anymore. In talking, sharing, and dreaming with Juliana, we found our ministry. These three things have been a long time coming.

I encourage those who are still waiting, to continue. God's ultimate plan for you is worth the wait. I waited a long time as a Christian. It was 13 years for me in finding a wife and easily 8 years for a ministry/home. When most people "find" these things in their early to mid 20's, I was 43 years old. I watched as others received their blessing. I'm not saying I wasn't blessed during this time. I am just saying there are some things we desire that is so strong, there is no denying it in your heart. Don't be afraid to travel, be led by Him, to anywhere and everywhere He wants.

Psalm 37:4, Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Truthfully, in the past, this has been my least favorite scripture. I have heard people quote it as a reason to go ahead of Him and not wait for His leading. For me, the portion I love the most is, "Take delight in the Lord". When you have waited a long time for the "big things", taking delight in Him is the best. The rest, "He will give you..." just sends you in awe of His majesty. 

Have a great 2015! Be expecting! If you are not expecting, like I wasn't last year, you may be amazed at His wonders for your life in 2015. Isaiah 9:6 ... And His name shall be called Wonderfull, Counselor, The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Good News.....Nossas Boas Notícias

                        We are very happy to share to our family that we are engaged.
         Nós estamos muito felizes ao compartilhar para nossas familia que ficamos noivos.

We met over 2 years ago, when I was on a missionary trip through Central and South America.
Nós nos conhecemos mais de 2 anos atrás, quando eu estava em uma viagem missionária pelo Central e América do Sul.

At the beginning of this year, we started a long distance relationship.
No início deste ano, iniciamos um relacionamento de longa distância.

During the first week, we talked about the vision that God has given us for our lives, and were surprised to find out that they were the same. This was one of many confirmations we had during our first week.
Durante a primeira semana, falamos sobre a visão que Deus nos deu para as nossas vidas, e fomos surpreendidos ao descobrir que eles eram os mesmos. Esta foi uma das muitas confirmações durante nosso primeira semana.

We decided that we needed to be together and I moved to Brazil in May.
Nós decidimos que precisávamos de nos conhecer (melhor) e passar tempo juntos,  eu então me mudei para o Brasil em maio.

In October, Juliana is going to the same missionary school I went to in Africa, and I am headed back to the United States.
Em Outubro, Juliana está indo para a mesma escola missionária que fui na África, e eu estou voltando para os Estados Unidos.

My blog is transitioning into our blog. Juliana will be writing blogs in Portuguese about what God is doing in her life. I will be continuing to write what God is doing in my life.
Meu blog está passando para ser o nosso blog. Juliana vai escrever seu blog em Português e estará falando sobre o que Deus está fazendo em sua vida. Eu vou estar continuando a escrever o que Deus está fazendo em minha vida.

Once the school in Africa is finished, I will be returning to Brazil. We will begin the ministry and life that God put into both of our hearts years ago. We have both waited patiently for each other over the years and God made our miracle relationship come to life. We know Pappa is doing the same for the ministry He has given us. 
Quando a escola na África estiver acabado, eu  irei voltar para o Brasil, e juntos vamos sonhar com casamento e iremos  começar o ministério e a vida que Deus colocou em nossos corações por tanto tempo   esperando pacientemente  um para o outro ao longo dos anos e Deus fez nosso relacionamento (milagre) vir à vida. Sabemos Pappa está fazendo o mesmo para o ministério que Ele nos deu.

Missionary life!! Welcome to our life.
A vida missionária !! Bem-vindo as nossas vidas.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pretty Little Bows

I have been blessed to volunteer with some missionaries during my stay in Brazil. I like to minister in one of the communities, "favelas". I have learned a lot from them and the people in the community. I hope I have been able to bless them both too.

One of my favorite things to do, is to visit with people in their houses or on the street and share the love of Jesus. A couple of weeks ago, I went with two other missionaries to visit with guys that traffic in drugs. 
We walked around the streets, praying and declaring things in the Kingdom of God to be in the community as it is in Heaven. This is not hard to do and doesn't demand relationship. We asked God to lead us as we didn't have specific people to talk to. 

We met up with a few guys. The last guy we met up with was a young man. We didn't know it at the time but he didn't have much time left. Two weeks later, I would see him on the street again, lifeless. It was a shock to me but not to the streets. 

I wonder, if we would have known, if we would have been more urgent? I wonder? I would like to say that he gave his life to Jesus that day we shared with him and prayed with him, but he didn't. He was tolerant of us but always gave us a look like I've heard this before. It was a look that wanted relationship but too many people just talked it but didn't walk it. There's a war going on. Just turn on the television, they will show you. We need to wake up. Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

We like to put pretty little bows on everything we do as the Body of Christ. We give our selves so many excuses not to do things because of grace, because of our past, because I don't have any money, because I'm not called to do it, because of ..... and the list goes on. We rarely rebuke anymore because "that's not love". At times, I feel all alone in my beliefs. Are we to put pretty little bows on things because we have a Daddy who is this loving mom? Don't we have this loving Daddy who will kick us in the butt too? That's love too, right? It is if you know who you are in Christ and don't take a victim mentality. As believers, we start in victory

I didn't want to put a pretty little bow on this. Blogs are always telling people the successes. We failed to enter into a relationship with him. We didn't have a sense of urgency. I'm sure God was telling us. We didn't listen.